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About Neo Health

We are physicians in active practice working towards building a medical information platform, integrating the latest evidence based guidelines with a seamless record charting experience.

Our mission is to remove technologic barriers between care providers and patients, with point of care access to evidence based guidelines, seamless integration of clinical decision support, and an intuitive, cross platform compatible electronic medical record designed to ease the provider workflow.

Our Team

  • Dr. Brad Mattson, MD

  • Dr. Kaiser Hussain, MD


Full Team (28)

  • Dr. Ling Wu, PhD

  • Laurent David

  • Arjun Patel

    Full-stack Designer
  • Dipen Ardeshna

    Full-stack Developer
  • Melicio Sergio de Bel

    Business Development
  • Dr. Jimoh Saheed

    Community Operations
  • Mausmi Gohil

    Full-Stack Developer